Discover wonderful homes that can accommodate your whole family! At Anthony Messina Real Estate in Bristol, PA, we provide a listing of residential properties that you can lease at reasonable prices. Read below to find out the types of houses we have for rent as well as their superb amenities.

3 Avondale Dr,

Newtown, PA 18940

5 beds
4 baths
4,838 sqft

$6,500 per month

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6 Dahlia Lane,

Levittown, PA 190553

3 beds
1 bath
1,084 sqft

$1,400 per month

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513 Diamond Dr,
Newton, PA 18940

1 bed
1 bath
692 sqft

$1,300 per month

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304 Dorrance St # B,

Bristol, PA 19007

2 Bed
1 Bath
1,123 sqft

$1,200 per month

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733 Pond Street # 2nd, 

Bristol, PA 19007

1 Bed
1 bath
700 sqft

$900 per month

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If you have any questions about the properties in our listing, call us at 215-788-0456 or send us an email. We will gladly provide the additional information you require.